HARRY FAYT   Underwater imagery

My name is Harry Fayt, and I will sink the world for you.

After being a studio photographer for 10 years I decided in 2011 to dive into the subaquatic world of underwater photography.

What I like about underwater photography is that everything is a new challenge. All still has to be done. It’s like a never ending experiment, and with every new discovery, my work digs deeper and deeper and subsequently gets more interesting and curious for the viewer.

I feel like MacGyver having to build my own gear to answer to my underwater demands and crazy whims. I am never satisfied with a « No, it’s not possible to do that underwater  ». That’s the perfect moment for me, the moment when my brain starts to boil.

Besides the technique, I like my images to transmit curiosity and surrealism. Whatever I shoot, if it’s fine art, fashion, advertising stills or motions,  I always find an excuse to shoot underwater.

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Last underwater artwork

All my suport to the brave Gilet Jaune movement.




Behind the Scene



Interested in having an original Harry Fayt's master piece for your place ?

All Harry Fayt’s artworks are limited to  9 copies + 2 AP all sizes include.
Please, feel free to contact us for more information.

Do you have a project you would like to discuss for your next advertising campaign ?

I do live for challenges so contact me if you have any vision you would like to materialize underwater.  I will help you to  achieve your project and help your brand to communicate the right message.