Once upon a time… Four words that introduce thousands, three words that take us back to a time and a destination intended by the authors who wrote them from time immemorial.

Harry Fayt invites you to follow him back to the last century to tell you about twelve images. To do this, he climbed into his time machine and set off for the 1940s in the United States. There he met inspiring and brilliant people such as Bruce Mozert, the pioneer of underwater photography, who inspired him to discover this practice and this era. He introduced him to his sister Zoé Mozert, who in turn introduced me to Earl Morran, Harry Eckman, not forgetting the enormous Gil Elvgren, and what did they have in common? They all worked for Brown & Bigelow, the biggest publisher of calendars at that time. They painted pin-ups, the sublimely sexy, slightly awkward representations of women that the military hung on their walls and that advertising loved.

It was a different era, of course, but after the years of the pandemic, Harry Fayt needed something fresh and light. His new project was just what he needed. He was going to bring back that joie de vivre, that carefree spirit, that lightness, with strong, independent women who were as beautiful and quirky as ever.