HARRY FAYT   The Underwater Artist

My name is Harry Fayt, and I will sink the world for you.

I was a studio photographer for 10 years when I wanted to dive into the underwater world of subaquatic photography in 2011.

What I like with underwater photography is that everything is a new challenge. Everything has still to be done. It’s like a never ending experiment, and with every new discovery, my work digs deeper and deeper and subsequently gets more interest and curiosity from the viewer.

I am feeling like MacGyver having to build my own gear to answer to my underwater demanding and crazy whims. I am never satisfied with a « No, it’s not possible to do that underwater  ». That’s the perfect moment for me, the one where my brain starts to boil.

I like my images to convey curiosity and surrealism.  I shoot fashion, fine art and advertising photography. The next challenge to come will be to direct and share my underwater experiences into the moving images world.

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