2 months ago I had the opportunity to go a step ahead in my work for a museum.

Working on my current Modern Icons series, I am constantly looking for new ways to show my work and escape from the traditional photography exhibitions. As an artist, research is the greater part of my work and the way to display my artworks can be a big addition in the way people understand them.

Modern Icons is a lot about religious themes like the Madonna, the Annonciation, etc. When the “Musée de la Vie Walonne” approached me to ask if Ia could make a piece for the exhibition “SO FOOT !” (how football has become the new popular religion),  I was very excited because I knew the exhibition would be held in a Church and I always wanted to build a stained glass out of one of my images. I was very honoured.

I had to find a concept I could connect with football.  Being “just” a photographer is not enough, believe it or not, and I wanted real stained glass. So I had to print on glass and then cut it into pieces and mount it with lead. The most difficult part was to find the glass printing technique because traditional methods do not work for a real church window.

Fortunately enough I knew a special technique but it was mostly for industrial purposes. After 3 weeks of negotiation with the printer factory they gave me a company name I could work with 1200km away. Every contact was by email and app and it was not that easy to be understood. I don’t know how many times I had to say “no, I want a real stained glass”. They never had to do this work before so it was a real challenge for them too. And the good news was that they could cut it accurately with their machine which saved me a lot of time !

I was very pleased and excited when I got the holly crate holding the precious parts of my artwork. The next step of the art piece started with the stained glass artist. We put everything together and a week later it was finally ready to show. “Le Chemin” came to life.

I really thank the Musée de la Vie Walonne in Belgium for trusting me with my work and to the precious people who worked with me on this project.



To discover till Dec 3rd in Liège, Belgium