For my new project « Heart Made in Belgium » I had the chance to work with the young and beautiful Belgian actress Stephanie Crayencour.
During the many talks we had together, Stephanie told me that she loved circus and magic. My artistic mind is always triggered by keywords that remind me of a past idea, like a database where you fill in a search field to get the info you are looking for. This resulted in being the perfect moment for me to bring this concept to life.
I never take the easy way and this shoot was no exception. I wanted to shoot upside down so that mirroring water becomes the ground. We needed a second model so Stephanie proposed her boyfriend, Hadrien Lavogez who is also a professional musician (M Pokora, the Sub, etc…).

I rarely photograph more than one person because it’s very difficult for non professional underwater models to be synchro in the water. Furthermore, this image was very technical as Hadrien had to be upside down and that is not a very pleasant position to keep, it creates a pressure-pain in the forehead.  I would not say it was an easy shoot but they both succeeded the task and gave me a shot I’m totally pleased with.